3 Techniques for Fighting Unhealthy Cravings

Fighting cravings is one of the hardest parts about losing weight and staying healthy. For me, the nemesis is ice cream. Every night it calls my name like a siren in the water, bringing me one step closer to my demise. Just one bite, it promises, lying. For others, it might be that bag of chips, one more beer, or that last piece of chocolate cake. The problem is not one bite of your favorite guilty pleasure; it’s that one bite turns to two  which turns to 20. Those cravings add up over time, and they may be making the difference in your long-term weight loss goals. To kick unhealthy cravings once and for all, check out these tips.

Drink Some Water and Wait

There are so many times that we think we are hungry, but we’re actually thirsty. Our bodies are trying to tell us that it needs something, but the signals feel the same to us. If you feel a craving, try drinking a big glass of water, and then wait. If it was thirst, the craving will pass on its own. If it really is a craving for something sweet, the water might make you feel full enough to resist. You can even try adding fruit or a powder to your drink for a little flavor and a little more help fighting off cravings.

Make Vitamins a Part of the Routine

While a big part of cravings are mental, there is a biological aspect to many types of cravings. Sometimes a craving is your body’s way of telling you that it needs a certain mineral or nutrient. If this is the case, taking a multivitamin every morning might help keep cravings at bay. This won’t work instantly, but over a period of time, you might see the number of cravings you get on a regular basis diminish greatly.

Get Busy

If cravings are getting you, try getting busy at precisely that time of day. A lot of our eating habits revolve around boredom. When there’s nothing else to do, we subconsciously search for something, and often times, that means grabbing something to eat. When you feel a craving, find something to do … preferably something you enjoy. Pouring your mind and energy into an activity will help you forget about the craving until the sensation passes.

Cravings are trouble, there’s no doubt about it. And there’s nothing wrong with giving into a craving every now and again. When it happens all of the time, it might cause you some problems. To get your cravings under control, give these tips a try. With some diligence and very specific effort, you might be able to kick your cravings to the curb once and for all.

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