3 Unexpected Benefits of Practicing Yoga

By now, just about everyone has heard of yoga. Even more than that, most people have heard about how good it is for them. It keeps you long and lean. It builds mental toughness. It teaches you to breathe. These are the common benefits that are touted when someone is encouraging the practice. While these are excellent benefits and are absolutely some great reasons to try yoga, they’re not the only ones. Check out these three unexpected benefits that you might find with a regular yoga practice.

It Might Help Detox Your Body

Yoga requires some crazy body movements. You’ll bend and twist and hold in all sorts of positions. While this certainly builds muscle, it may also help clean out your body. You’ll literally twist your insides, which can lead to faster and more efficient digestion. This takes many people by surprise in the beginning, but they soon look forward to the cleansing effects that yoga brings into their lives.

It Helps You Think

This was a big one for me personally. I practiced yoga for a while, and since the benefits sneak up on you, they go unnoticed until they’re gone. After skipping the practice during a busy week, I noticed that I couldn’t remember anything or focus on the task at hand. After a couple of days, I went back to my yoga practice and noticed my concentration increase almost immediately. Why does this happen? No one knows for sure, but suggestions generally include the fact that yoga requires you to quiet and still your mind and forces you to be in this moment. Once you learn how to do it, it’s easier to focus and concentrate on a regular basis.

It Teaches Patience

Oh, the patience you’ll need for yoga. Not only is it a slower practice, but it takes a lot of patience to stay in that mood and count your breath. Then, it takes patience to master that move before getting frustrated and giving up. Then, it takes both patience and discipline to keep the practice going when you just don’t feel like it. If you’re anything like me, it may require a great deal of patience to practice at home with a toddler hanging on your legs. Yoga is basically one big ball of patience, but if you can master it, you’ll notice that patience bleed over into other areas of your life.

You’ve heard about the typical benefits of yoga, but these benefits may have an even bigger impact on your life. If you haven’t yet, give the practice a try and watch your fitness, your mind, and your life improve.

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