Five-Second Tips for Maintaining Mental Health

There is a lot of advice out there regarding mental health. Tips such as “see a professional” or “learn meditation” are excellent tips. They are also made for the long-term. They require you to do something over a long period of time to really gain some benefit. Should you still do them? Yes! But, it can also be beneficial to have some quick tips for those moments that hit you unexpectedly. When stress comes flying at you from every direction and you start to spin out of control, you need a way to deal. For some relief in the moment, take a look at these mental health boosting tips that only take a few seconds to calm the mind and keep you feeling well.

Count Your Breaths

When you feel like you’re going to be out of control, try taking deep, slow breaths and counting each one. This not only literally calms your breathing, but it also calms the mind. Count your breaths to three, and if you still feel out of control, count to five. Do this for as long as it takes until you have a handle on yourself. With some practice, you’ll find yourself calm and collected after the first three breaths and your mental health will be less stressed.

Say No

A quick and easy decision that can truly change your mental health is to simply say “no” instead of “yes.” Are you free tonight for overtime? No. Can you take on this extra bill? No. Would you like to overextend yourself for this, that, or the other? Just say no! This will lower your stress level, which directly affects your mental health.

Write It Down

When something is bothering you, you have two options of dealing with it. You can talk about it, or you can bottle it up. Sometimes, the former option isn’t possible simply because there’s no one to tell. Unfortunately this means that it gets bottled up with you worrying, stressing, and harming your mental well-being until it forces its way out. If that doesn’t sound appealing, another option for getting it out is to write it down. Keep a journal or just carry around a notepad and pen. When you can’t stand it anymore, write down your thoughts or worries, and then put it away. Don’t go back and dwell on it. Use this as a way to get the problems out and stop thinking about them. You may find a little less stress and a lot more productivity as a result.

Your mental health and well-being is one of the most important aspects of your health. The way you feel about yourself and the way you look at the world are crucial for your own happiness. When you need a quick and easy release to put stress away and protect the state of your mind, use these simple tips. With some practice and persistence, you can make these part of the norm and boost your mental well-being for good.

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