Food as Medicine? 4 Diet Staples for Better Health

Long before modern day medication was invented, people still got sick. It’s hard for us to imagine a world without medicine, but such a world did indeed exist. So, what did people do before running to the pharmacy for some penicillin was an option? Sometimes, they just suffered through it. Other times, they looked to nature’s medicine … food. The nutrients that we put in our bodies makes a big difference to our health, and certain foods even have their own healing powers. Check out these four foods that not only serve as a delicious addition to the menu, but also as a natural medicine.


This potent bulb is strong smelling, stout tasting, and an excellent addition to your non-medicine cabinet. Garlic is a natural immune booster. It helps fight off illness before it takes over, and if you’re already sick, it has been shown to shorten the duration. It is an antifungal, a natural antibiotic, and promotes a healthier, stronger, more capable immune system.


It’s thought that onion, especially the stout white ones, absorb bad bacteria when cut open. Cut an onion and leave it on the counter, and people say that it soaks up bacteria in the room. The idea is similar when the onion is eaten. In your digestive tract, the onion soaks up bad bacteria and keeps you well. It’s an illness fighting, immune boosting superfood.


These sweet little berries are stocked full of antioxidants. When consumed regularly, blueberries are thought to boost heart health, fight certain kinds of cancer, boost brain function, ward off diabetes, and help you manage your weight. That’s a lot of power in such a tiny food.

Sweet Potato

This food is full of Vitamin C (for the immune system), Vitamin B6 (for more energy), and Vitamin D (which is difficult to find in foods). Eating this regularly may mean a stronger immune system, more elasticity in the skin, less stress, and more stable blood sugar. Since these predicaments can often lead to bigger health problems, sweet potatoes help you nip them in the bud.

While it’s certainly nice and convenient to have modern medicine available, it’s nice and definitely beneficial to know how to heal yourself naturally as well. These foods can be eaten when you’re sick, but should most often be used as prevention. Eat well and live well for a super healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

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