Get Ready for Summer With These Hot Weather Fruits

The summer is literally right upon us. Kids are anxiously awaiting summer vacation, family trips are being planned, the days are getting longer, and the excitement is rising. There are so many fun things about summer: The clothes, the days of freedom, the breeze, and of course, the food. Summer brings around a whole new diet. Long gone are the heavy meals and warm soups that helped you survive the winter. The summer brings light, sweet, and juicy foods that keep you light and energized. To get you moving toward a healthy summer menu, check out these three fruits that are begging to be eaten in the hot and delicious summer months.


Nothing says summer better than a plate of sliced pineapple covered in juice. Just the sound of it is mouthwatering. This is a tropical fruit which screams summer and sunshine and days spent outside. On the plus side, you’ll also be getting some wonderful healthy benefits from this fruit. Pineapple has high doses of Vitamin C, which can boost the immune system, and Vitamin B-6, which can boost your energy levels.


This gorgeous green and red fruit is dripping with possibilities. It’s fun for kids, healthy, and super tasty. If you want to stay hydrated through the summer, just add this to your daily menu. It’s packed with water (go figure!), and it also contains Vitamin A, C, and B-6. Slice it up, grab a spoon and scoop it out of the rind, or add it to a fruit salad for a quick and easy summer snack.


Unlike the giant fruit above, kiwi are tiny options for a mouthwatering snack. The kiwi fruit is another fruit with a massive dose of Vitamin C. If you want a boost to the immune system, a combination of kiwi and pineapple is a great place to start. Along with the immune boosting vitamin, kiwi also contains high amounts of potassium, which is good for preventing muscle cramps, especially through the active summer months. Peel a couple of kiwi, slice them up, and enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor.

The summer is so much fun for almost everyone. Vacations, the beach, sunbathing, and long days are part of the fun. Make your diet part of the fun too with these easy, nutritious, and summery snack choices. Hit the farmer’s market, buy your favorite goodies, and let the summer excitement build!

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