Why Walking is One of the Best Workouts Ever

We all know that exercise should be a part of our regular routine. We know that it builds muscle, burns fat, and keeps us in overall better shape and health. We know all of this, and still, we often skip this very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps it would be easier to maintain regular exercise if it weren’t quite so high impact. If you would like to consistently exercise, but don’t want to burn yourself out on the daily routine, check out why simple walking might be one of the best exercises for everyone.

It’s Low Impact

Walking can be done by just about everyone. Barring some sort of physical ailment or injury, walking is one of the most universal exercises. The very young, the very old, and most everyone in between can get this exercise done. It’s not hard on the joints; it doesn’t cause much strain on the lungs; and it challenges without taxing your body. When you need a simple, low impact, powerful workout, walking is one of your best options.

It’s Enjoyable

Walking isn’t always enjoyable, but it can be. If your workout is too boring, change the scenery. Take your workout from a treadmill to around the block. Still boring? Go from around the block to a nearby walking trail. You can change both the appearance and the difficulty of your walk just by changing venues. Studies even show that people who walk weekly in nature tend to have longer and generally calmer lives and emotions. That’s pretty impressive for incorporating something that we already do anyway.

It Has Longevity

Because it is so low impact, walking is an exercise that has the power to stick around. When you are looking for a lifestyle change, longevity is what counts the most. While you might have to stop running or boxing or lifting doing other high impact workouts as you age, walking can literally last a lifetime. Start it now, continue it through mild injuries, exhaustion, pregnancies, and other major life changes, and make it a staple of your health and your life.

Walking doesn’t get near the credit it deserves. Maybe because we do it all of the time, we tend to dismiss its incredible benefits. It’s actually a really powerful tool when used in the right manner. Make walking a part of your regular routine and gain the wonderful benefits that come with it.

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